The Origin of Swap Language

We couldn't find a native speaker to learn Spanish with in our own city.

So we decided to help everyone who wants to learn through real life meetings.

That's how Swap Language was born.

What drives us?

We are breaking down language amd cultural barriers everywhere in the world.

The way we do it, is by giving you and everyone else the chance of meeting native speakers in your nearby area.

The Swap Language Philosophy

The only way to truly learn a language you have to communicate and interact with native speakers, in person.

Go Native

Swap Language Communities

Our Communities are made by Ambassadors who want to make a difference in their city

They facilitate Big Group Swaps, Missions for the Swappers and anyone can set up Culture Swaps. Every Community is unique - because they are made by Ambassadors in your local area.

You can join or start a Community where ever you are in the world